Healthy Bakery Items: A New Food Trend in Malaysia

Healthy Bakery Items: A New Food Trend in Malaysia

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Healthy baked goods in Malaysia

Healthy Bakery items: A New Food Trend in Malaysia

Healthy bakery items can be considered as the new food trend in Malaysia as more and more people are emphasizing on the importance of healthy eating and sustainable lifestyle. Nowadays, there are many bakeries mushrooming around big cities or even small towns. However, majority of them may be using preservatives and low quality ingredients in producing their products.

In fact, many of us prefer to spend money to purchase and consume homemade bakery items which are believed to be loaded with more nutrients and made of quality ingredients. We believe that nobody will reject homemade baked goods and it will surely and steadily become a global trend in no time.

Healthy Bakery Item Trend in Malaysia

The bakery item market in Malaysia is a dynamic and fast moving industry. It is quite common to notice a number of bakeries closing their doors while a few more new bakeries mushroom in an area.

Healthy baked goods in Malaysia

Bakery suppliers can include conventional stand-alone bakeries, commercial bakeries producing bakery items for retail outlets, bakery counters, cafés and stalls in shopping malls, bakery items and pastry wholesalers who supply both mixes and completed goods and home-based bakers providing artisanal and handmade breads and cakes.


A recent report indicates that the Malaysian market has seen positive growth of bakery items as more bakery items are consumed at meal times in place of staple foodstuff such as rice and noodles. Another good news is that there is also an accelerated growth in the homemade bakery items scene too.

Benefits of Homemade Bakery Items

As many of us know, homemade food products are seen as a healthier choice for all. Homemade bakery items is often linked to lower refined sugar level. If you’re trying to indulge in a healthier bakery items, consider making them from scratch. You can always opt for fruit-based ways to reduce or even cut unneeded and refined sugar from your bakery items, ultimately leaving you with a much healthier treat!

Besides that, there are less artificial ingredients in homemade bakery items. Making your bakery items from scratch allows you to have a control over all the ingredients added. You can reduce or even eliminate potentially hazardous ingredients that are created in labs and designed to make food just to taste good instead of be beneficial to your health.

Healthy baked goods in Malaysia

This kind of bakery item is also known to be great for food allergies. Remember that food isn’t just about calories or weight management; it’s also a celebratory process that everyone likes to participate in regardless of their allergies. Consumption of homemade bakery items means that you’re less exposed to the risk of food allergies since you can select to eat those products which are produced without the addition of ingredients triggering allergies such as peanut, egg, soybean, milk and so on.


Homemade bakery items can be a gluten free alternative too. Many health food stores now carry gluten free flours that are designed for home bakers. You can select to utilize those gluten free ingredients, for example amaranth flour, almond flour, and rice flour when baking your homemade bakery items.

Homemade Bakery Item Business

Healthy baked goods in Malaysia

Bakery item businesses have grown in popularity over the last few years in Malaysia, but actually, they’ve been around for quite some time. Recently, many entrepreneurs have started selling their bakery items from home and have grown into regular retail bakeries and even franchises.

Starting a home-based bakery might sound interesting and easy to do. However, there are also a few obstacles that may be faced by you when running a homemade baking business. It’s really very important for you to consider the pros and cons before baking your first batch of goodies to achieve a higher satisfaction in your work.

Here we share some pros of starting a homemade bakery item business so as to encourage you to jump into this healthy homemade bakery item wagon rather than frightening you off. This business can be a creative expression platform for you where you can put a unique twist on your bakery items. It is much easier to start if you already have a kitchen and some baking knowledge. You’ll not be in a dilemma when trying to target your customers as there’s always a market for yummy healthy bakery items, especially the health conscious bunch of  people. Those customers may even approach you if they find out that your bakery items are delicious, appealing and nutritious, besides satisfying their cravings for bakery items and health at the same time.


Healthy baked goods in Malaysia

After going through all the market trend and benefits of starting a homemade bakery item business, we hope that you have more confidence to becoming a home-based baker who strives to bake real good stuff for your customers out there. It’s the right time to begin your own homemade bakery item business, so just feel free to contact us and be a part of the healthy baking community!



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